Residential Noise Survey
Residential Noise Survey

This was a large scale housing project to regenerate a large suburb of Birmingham. Plans for 3 separate sites with over 100 dwellings around the castle Vale area were presented to us and a plan drawn up to quantify the surrounding noise climates. Each site was located in close proximity to the M6 required two stage ProPG Assessment.

All three sites were subjected to constant traffic noise from the nearby M6 as well as aircraft noise from planes approaching and leaving Birmingham Airport. Noise monitoring was largely attended because of security concerns and long term unattended monitoring carried out where possible. Interestingly, it was the Leq levels that determined the glazing specifications as opposed to the usual LAFMax levels for local traffic movements. This was due to the constant and significant noise levels driven by relentless traffic movement along the M6, and low LAFMax values from local vehicle movements.

To ensure that worst case aircraft noise levels were measured, monitoring days were selected to coincide with days when aircraft took off in a north westerly direction. This resulted in aircraft flying over the sites at relatively low altitude, with engines at full throttle.

ProPG noise risk assessment levels were calculated, indicating a medium to high noise risk. This triggered a stage 2 assessment which calculated full glazing and ventilation noise specifications to ensure that internal noise levels met BS8233 levels. Noise  ingress through the roof structure and facades was calculated according to octave band noise data measured in the presence of aircraft movements. This proved that standard building methods would provide adequate sound insulation.

External amenity assessments were also carried out and acoustic grade boundary fencing specified where required.

This was the coldest we’ve ever been on a job. Temperatures were sub zero and the open nature of the sites necessitated fully attended noise monitoring to ensure the security of the noise meters. 3hrs is an eternity when you have nothing to do but stand in the cold . . . brrrrrrrr !

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