Industrial Noise Surveys

The world is getting smaller and the requirement for people to live harmoniously in the proximity of industry is increasing. Industry is rarely noise free and noise criteria for habitation is strict. Typical factory noises include manufacturing noise such as grinding and banging, ventilation noise, air conditioning noise, fan noise, condenser noise, waste processing noise and heavy vehicle movements.

As such, the answer is often found by undertaking a BS4142 style industrial noise survey to establish the noise impact on the nearby residences, and may be required for a new residential or industrial development.

Long term noise monitoring is carried out to establish the background noise levels or LA90 at the residence(s), over a pre-determined time period. Specific noise levels are then measured for each potentially offending noise source. It is important to understand that some noises generate more annoyance than others, and may impact different residences at different times of the day, some periods being more sensitive than others. Thorough investigation into all noise sources is therefore important and enables us to pinpoint specific problem sources which can then be analysed in the quest for an appropriate solution.

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