Sound Insulation Testing

Part E Testing

Sound insulation testing is required for new residential buildings or conversions to satisfy Building Regs Part E. A standard set of tests for residences with separating walls and floors will include 2 airborne wall tests, 2 airborne floor tests and 2 impact floor tests. For residences separated by walls only, a standard set of tests would be 2 x airborne wall tests. The number of tests may rise with building or room numbers. This is because a good testing average is required.So we then work to a minimum 10% rule.

Sound insulation testing is carried out with class 1 equipment. Testing is according to  IOS171 and ISO414 standards. On completion you’re provided with a comprehensive test report whichdetailing all test results. In the unfortunate event of a failure we offer free advice on how to resolve the issue. But we re-test for 50% of the original fee. Remember that Blue Acoustics is firstly and acoustic consultancy. Because sound insulation design is a day to day topic for us we can help you if a partition fails, unlike many sound insulation testing companies who are simply trained to follow and repeat the standard testing procedure.

We're members of the Institute Of Acoustics and are fully accredited under their CCBAM training program.

We also offer a sound insulation design service which is very affordable. We take your wall and floor designs and simulate them using advanced sound insulation software. This provides an accurate view of their potential sound insulation performance. We then tweak the systems to maximise performance with standard building materials, because this minimises cost. The systems are tweaked to provide a good degree of safety - we typically work to +10dB over what is required. This allows for build errors and flanking transmission.

So contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a quick and competitive quote.

The following checklist details the requirements that must be met before one of our testers can attend the site:

Sound Insulation Testing Checklist

  • Windows should be fully installed, glazed & closable
  • Trickle vents and other ventilation systems should be fitted
  • Internal & external doors must be hung, glazed & closable
  • All wall, floors & ceiling constructions must be completed
  • Skirting boards should all be fitted & cornice where fitted
  • Electrical sockets, TV Aerial sockets & light switches should be fitted
  • Rooms must be clear of building materials, tools & unfurnished
  • No cosmetic floor coverings should be fitted (i.e. laminate, carpet, vinyl, ceramics)
  • No trades should be working in the dwellings during the tests
  • Access to rooms either side of the separating structure is essential
  • Non-tester access to the rooms is prohibited during testing
  • No noisy operations (drilling, cutting or groundwork) to occur nearby during testing
  • Provision of 240v 50Hz mains power is required within the dwellings

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