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Blue Acoustics is headed by Timothy Sherlock-Brown, a proud member of the Institute Of Acoustics with an MSc in Applied Acoustic.

Tim has been interested in sound and acoustics since his early teens. Before re-training in this complex and often mis-understood field, Tim worked for IBM as an audio specialist where he was in charge of all audio related matters for their film production department. He also spent many years working within the live events industry. His work has taken him around the UK and Europe and includes some unusual assignments, such as the provision of audio distortion solutions for a number of high profile court cases for the Crown Prosecution Service.

He is committed to providing an efficient, cost effective service through the application of his expertise.

We regularly provide acoustic services to clients throughout the UK, in particular Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

We cover a range of discipline such as Noise Surveys, Noise at Work Assessments, Industrial Noise Surveys, Environmental Noise Surveys, BS4142 Surveys, Residential Noise Surveys, Sound Insulation Testing, Hospital Acoustics, School Acoustics and Office Acoustics.

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