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Blue Acoustics is an independent acoustic consultancy, providing acoustic services throughout England and Wales. Our aim is to develop a close and friendly working relationship with all of our clients, and to ensure a fast and efficient service. With decades of acoustic experience, we're confident we can provide the solutions to your acoustic concerns.

Through noise monitoring / testing and acoustical analysis we can ensure compliance with a range of British standards criteria and planning conditions. Our noise surveys provide you with detailed reporting and mitigation design, should any adversities arise.

We regularly service clients throughout the UK, in particular Birmingham and the West Midlands, Bristol, Exeter, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We cover a range of discipline such as Noise Surveys, Noise at Work Assessments, Industrial Noise Surveys, Residential Noise Surveys, Sound Insulation Testing, Hospital Acoustics, School Acoustics and Office Acoustics.

All of our noise consultants have been trained to MSc level and are members of the Institute of Acoustics (I.O.A.).

Acoustic Applications

Residential Noise Surveys

Noise is taken very seriously these days and many residential developments will be required to undertake a noise survey prior to planning approval.


Industrial Noise Surveys

The world is getting smaller and the requirement for people to live harmoniously in the proximity of industry is increasing. Industry is rarely noise free and noise criteria for habitation is strict.


Commercial Noise Surveys

A commercial noise survey is much the same as an industrial noise survey in that is typically uses BS4142 methodology to determine the noise impact generated by the activities of a business.


Room Acoustics

Room acoustics is the science of how sound behaves in a closed space. A noise source will radiate sound waves which reflect off of internal surfaces. With each reflection some of the sound is absorbed and the wave energy is slowly diminished until it is inaudible.


Sound Insulation Testing

Sound testing is required for new residential buildings or conversions to satisfy Building Regs Part E. A typical test will include 2 airborne wall tests, 2 airborne floor tests and 2 impact floor tests.


Noise at Work

Workplace noise is a commonly misunderstood concept and workplace noise assessment is a relatively new requirement. As such, it is common that recommended noise limits may be exceeded without the company realising that a noise at work survey is required.


School Acoustics

School acoustics are bound by strict acoustic criteria, laid out in BB93. The purpose of this is to ensure classrooms and other learning spaces provide an acoustically comfortable space within which to study.


Hospital/Healthcare Acoustics

Sound affects us both physiologically and psychologically and noise, which can be defined as “unwanted sound”, can increase heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate.

Office Acoustics

You may not believe it but it has been proved that poor office acoustics can have a negative effect on a business.


Featured Projects


Met Office Collaboration Building

Acoustic assessment and treatment design


Nestle Waters Buxton Plant

Factory expansion noise assessment


Ounsdale High School

Acoustic design of a new classroom block


Hatherton Medical Centre

HTM08-01 Healthcare acoustic design


Wells Cathedral

Noise at work assessment


The Priory Club, Edgbaston

Acoustic assessment and treatment design

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