Blue Acoustics recently carried out a BS4142 assessment for Birmingham based tyre centre. The centre currently fits tyres in one of 3 bays outside the front of the shop, and concerns were raised by local residents about the negative noise impact.

Tyre fitting noise is driven by a number of components which include impact guns for wheel fitting & removal, hand jacks which are dragged across the floor and tyre removal machines. The site in question generated noise from all three activities, with the nearest fitting bay measuring only 5m from the nearby dwelling.

It was arranged for the site to put back their Sunday morning opening time for 3 hours so a background noise measurement could be taken during what is considered to be the quietest period of the week. It was also arranged for a nearby hand car wash to cease operations as their jet wash was pushing up background noise levels. A planning application for the hand car wash operation was still active and so to protect the amenity of the surrounding residents, it was assumed that the application would be refused and that they would not contribute to overall noise levels in the future.

Specific noise levels were measured during a busy 1hr period and (typically) driven by the use of an impact gun. Noise levels were measured by the front facade of the nearby dwelling to provide robust (in-situ) data. 

A BS4142 assessment was carried out with the application of a significant rating penalty to reflect the proximity of the dwelling to the fitting bays. the positive assessment levels identified a significant adverse noise impact and the requirement for mitigation. The answer was to build a structure around the 3 fitting bays. Wall and roof partitions were designed with INSUL sound insulation software using standard building materials, and the design agreed with the architect. Planning has since been approved and work will soon begin on the bay housing.

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