Room Acoustics

Room acoustics is the science of how sound behaves in a closed space. A noise source will radiate sound waves which reflect off of internal surfaces. With each reflection some of the sound is absorbed and the wave energy is slowly diminished until it is inaudible. This is known as the reverb tail which if excessive, can create an acoustically uncomfortable space. Communication can suffer as syllables blend into each other, rendering all but face to face conversation very difficult.

Ambient noise levels may also be at fault. As background noise increases, conversation becomes less discernible and voices may be raised, further raising the noise floor and stifling communication for all.

The answer is noise control and through on site sound testing we can establish the acoustic characteristics of your space. This provides a clear view of the problem(s) and the potential solutions. We understand the solutions can be expensive and so we like to provide scalar solutions which clearly show the returns made from different levels of mitigation. This shows you the points of diminishing returns and puts the power in your hands with respect to budget and acoustic gain. It also provides you with choice as to the myriad of acoustic treatment designs that exist today.

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