Office Acoustics

You may not believe it but it has been proved that poor office acoustics can have a negative effect on a business. Noisy or high reverberation environments can significantly reduce speech intelligibility and erode communication, and have negative effects on staff with respect to morale and even health. Peaceful environments have been proven to promote communication and creative thinking which can in turn increase productivity and ultimately profit, and most businesses operate oblivious to the fact that their working environment can be significantly improved, often through relatively simple changes.

Open plan offices acoustics can generate a particularly difficult working environment. We’re all different and some people have naturally loud voices. This can cause big problems in offices, especially where people spend a lot of time on the phone. The noisier staff members have a negative effect on the quieter staff members by raising the noise floor and reducing the audibility of their phone conversations. This can lead to people raising their voices to be heard, further raising the noise floor and compounding the problem.

Factory noise ingress is another common problem as not all offices are purpose built to create peaceful environments. High background noise levels (no matter what the source is) reduce the ability of staff to communicate and think clearly, and can affect the overall mood and moral within a workplace.

Fortunately we have the kit and the know how to help. Through close liaison with yourself, and on-site acoustic testing, we can pinpoint the source of your acoustic issues and identify or design the appropriate remedies. Airborne noise transmission, structural noise transmission, reverberation, speech intelligibility, sound insulation and sound masking can all be tested, quantified and mitigated against.

So, don’t suffer any longer, contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your staff prosper in a better working environment.

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