School Acoustics

School acoustics are bound by strict acoustic criteria, laid out in BB93. The purpose of this is to ensure classrooms and other learning spaces provide an acoustically comfortable space within which to study. The criteria provided has been designed to control sound insulation, indoor ambient noise levels and reverberation times, crucial in creating a space that is peaceful and promotes good communication.

Whilst this may sound simple, the process is actually quite complex. To minimise error, we model your school building with state of the art acoustic modelling software and introduce significant safety margins to minimise the potential for any problems along the way. Through close liaison with your architect we build the model room by room, partition by partition to comply with BB93 criteria. We also provide full and detailed reporting including material quantity calculations.

Upon completion we can re-visit the site to carry out all necessary testing. All testing is executed according to the ANC Good Practice Guide ‘Acoustic Testing of Schools’. We therefore offer a one stop acoustic design and testing solution.

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