Commercial Noise Surveys

A commercial noise survey is much the same as an industrial noise survey in that is typically uses BS4142 methodology to determine the noise impact generated by the activities of a business. The main difference is the size and nature of the business, and are generally used to assess cafe noise, takeaway noise, restaurant noise, or garage noise for vehicle repair / MOT centres.

Garage noise can be particularly offensive as it often necessitates the use of noisy hand tools such as impact guns, air tools and bangs and clangs. The noise produced when dragging a heavy car jack along the floor is often as great as an impact gun, but it is the tone of each noise that is undesirable, and this can cause problems that require noise mitigation measures.

Cafe / takeaway noise is generally limited to the kitchen extraction system, normally situated to the rear of the building. However, the rear is generally the quietest area and this can lead to excessive BS4142 assessment levels if un- checked. Through proper extraction noise assessment we can provide you with the correct mitigation to satisfy your planning conditions. This is typically through the simple addition of in-line silencers, which if specified early on, can achieve high noise attenuation levels and save our clients a considerable amount of time and money.

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