Noise At Work

Workplace noise is a commonly misunderstood concept and noise at work assessment is a relatively new requirement. As such, it is common that recommended noise limits may be exceeded without the company realising that a noise at work survey is required. Your employees hearing may be under un-due stress from excessive noise and this may re-emerge in the future in the form of law suits against you for work induced hearing damage.

We attend your site and carry out a bespoke noise at work survey by taking a number of ambient noise measurements to determine the average noise exposure in all areas of concern. We also us dose badge technology to evaluate difficult roles such as foremen or maintenance operatives who are likely to move around the entire site. This provides a daily exposure level LEP,d which can be referenced against the action thresholds set out in NAW2005. Mitigation measures may then be considered to reduce the noise exposure to ‘at risk’ employees, and / or implement a range of noise health and safety procedures, such as restricting access to noisy areas and enforce workplace hearing protection.

Blue Acoustics possesses the necessary noise at work measurement hardware, software & skills to carry out a noise risk assessment at your site with minimal fuss, no matter how large or small. Through measurement, interpretation and calculation we'll produce the necessary report documentation and advice to ensure your compliance with NAW2005. We also provide advice on your legal duties, taken from HSE L108 ‘Controlling Noise At Work’.

Blue Acoustics uses class 1 sound monitoring equipment and cirrus dose badges. Dose badges are being stipulated more and more by insurance companies. They are requested for their ability to accurately measure noise at the ear for extended periods of time (typically 8hrs). This provides an accurate representation of the noise that the employee is actually exposed to.

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