Blue Acoustics recently carried out a residential noise survey in Leicester to quantify the day and night time noise climate around a proposed site in the centre of the city.

The proposed development was for the demolition of an existing house and associated garden area, and the erection of a 7 storey apartment block in its place. On arrival it became apparent that the site was exposed to significant traffic noise from Wharf Street and the city’s ring road, and also music noise from a number of local night spots, and that an entertainment noise assessment was also required.

We installed sound meters to monitor noise levels over a 24hr period. The meters were positioned at the front and rear facade positions of the proposed building. This provided valuable 24hr traffic noise data and background noise data for music noise impact assessment.

We attended the nearest music venue (to the rear of the site) during a live band evening. From this we concluded that the music venue was well insulated and that it had little impact on the proposed dwellings.

However, it became apparent that the height of the building (7 storeys) introduced another music noise source from a music venues on Dryden Street. Empirical measurement was deemed all but impossible due to access restrictions and the fact that the building was not yet built. As such, low frequency music noise propagation was modelled from the venue(s) to the buildings upper floors, with a safety margin added to ensure appropriate glazing was selected to minimise noise ingress. 

In the end we specified a Pilkington Optiphon product which provided enhanced low frequency attenuation for the upper floors, with mechanical ventilation to enable windows to remain closed as required.

As usual we provided full and detailed reporting with all measurement data, calculations  and mitigation recommendations.


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