Blue Acoustics recently had the pleasure of carrying out a retrospective noise survey to establish the  impact of cattle shed noise from a Farm in Devon, at a nearby receptor. Concerns had been raised as to the suitability of a recently erected cattle shed with respect to cattle noise propagation towards the property.

24hr background noise monitoring was carried out at the receptor which interestingly showed the day and night time LA90 levels to be identical. This was because the site was very remote and located at the bottom of a small valley. Background noise levels were therefore driven by wind and wildlife noise alone with no other significant noise sources contributing to the noise climate.

Around the time of measurement there was a succession of storms sweeping over the British isles. the client stated that there was an urgency to the survey and so we had to measure between storms. The measurement data provided a clear view of when the previous storm ceased, and when the next one began, and this was the measurement data we used within our report.

A 24hr noise measurement was also taken near to the shed. This proved that the cattle made little noise through the night. In fact, the herd were constantly quiet until they became aroused when feeding time approached. The highest noise levels were generated by the feeding tractor which slowly traversed along the length of the shed to fill the feeders.

The report also concluded through BS4142 assessment that the cattle were housed through the autumn and winter months when windows were likely to be closed, and that the cattle shed noise is therefore likely to have a low impact on the residence.

Eventually, an appeal hearing was arranged which we attended as an acoustic expert witness. The hearing lasted 5hrs during which a number of issues were discussed, noise being one. We explained the workings of the report and the methodology used, and answered any questions thrown at us. 

We’re pleased to say that planning was approved and our client is very happy with the result.

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